I started making my own gear after spending a deal of money on a harness that I had to wait 6 weeks for that my dog got one month wear out of before outgrowing it. I figured if he was going to be growing that quickly I might as well accommodate him myself. I don’t have 6 weeks or more to wait for a new harness every time he outgrows something.

The joys of giant breed dogs. They don’t stop growing until somewhere around 2 years old.

After some thought, a brief bought of mild paranoia about stepping on other peoples toes, deciding not to, putting a poll on Instagram, and then changing my mind (no one can accuse me of not thinking things through) I decided to start offering harness for sale. There is a caveat or two because I disclose everything up front.

  • I do not have the ability to do any kind of embroidery work.
  • Most harness that are going to be offered are going to be pre-made. I am not opposed to custom orders, especially if someone needs something to fit a large dog. I know how hard it is to find stuff to fit a giant breed dog. Email me at fibroandpickles@gmail.com.
  • I will be posting finished harnesses on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/jorgha_and_pickles/) that are up for sale. Be sure to follow me to know what is up for same and for the shenanigans of my dog.
  • I am selling all harnesses for $45 including US shipping. This includes handle and, if needed, a pull strap. Payment is through PayPal.

I think that’s everything. If you have any questions you can ask them here, you can email me or find me on Instagram.