Cripple Punk

I came across a service dog patch yesterday that said “Cripple Punk”. My brain said, “You’re crippled. You’re punk. What’s this about?” Leave it to me to take something in it’s most literal sense at 3:30am. Curiosity led me to the Urban Dictionary and then tumblr where I quickly fell down A rabbit hole, not THE rabbit hole. This is an entire movement that is about owning your disability and less about trying to fix it or hide it. This is about people not letting society make them feel ashamed of being disabled.

I am not going to go into the entire explanation of what cripple punk is. The screenshot from Urban Dictionary should suffice. The entry goes on to list rules, which I find ironic, because punk has always been about not following rules, but Tumblr needs rules and that is where this movement started. Anyway, if you really want to know more you can do a Google search. There are enough articles about the movement that regurgitate the same information about how it started, why it started, and who started it. My question is, why did I just now hear about this movement?

I actually have a lot to say about “Cripple Punk” and how this defines me, but it all amounts to a bunch of random babbling with no real point. Did I just put myself in a box? I hope not, the cat needs that box because, well, he’s a cat. I tried to talk about it. I tried to put my feelings about it in to words and ended up with a disjointed post that I quickly deleted.

I will say this though, I don’t want anyone’s pity. I don’t know what to do with pity. I don’t seek out inspirational quotes because I need a pep talk. I seriously cringe or roll my eyes every time someone tells me how strong I am to deal with chronic health issues. I find it annoying.  I also don’t want to be someones inspiration because I live in adversity and never gave up. Makes me sound like I’ve drank John Cena brand Kool Aid. Everyone has some kind of struggle, just because mine is different than yours doesn’t make me special.

I am not a “good cripple” and I am okay with this. #cripplepunk


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