Service Dog Training Journal

I know people are always looking for ways to document training. Not everyone wants to keep a video journal on YouTube or maintain a blog or social media account. I took the idea of bullet journaling (a thing that I have so far failed at) and made a service dog training journal. If you have never done bullet jouraling, it’s a simple way to keep track of things. It’s a combination to-do list, planner, and diary. They can be used to track anything and everything. Buzzfeed has an informative write up on what bullet journaling is how to get started. They make it sound like something really cool as opposed to something only hipsters do.

I came up with 11 pages that you can be printed out as needed and placed in a notebook to keep track of all the things that go into training a service dog. There is no right or wrong way to use any of these pages. The journal pages are provided free of charge as a PDF file that can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.

  • General information about your dog and vet info (if you want to include shot records, have your vet give you a print out to include after this page)
  • A blank list page to write down all the things you want to teach your dog
  • A page to keep track of all of your resources
  • A page to keep track of classes like puppy obedience
  • A page to keep track of achievements such as the Canine Good Citizen.
  • A task page to write down the methodology used to teach each tasked for handy reference.
  • A monthly task chart (this is actually 2 pages) where you can write down the tasks that are being taught. Under each date you can mark off that they were done or write down how long you spent teaching them.
  • Weekly pages (2 pages again) to take down notes. You can write down whatever you find important here.
  • A public access page to keep track of public access training.










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