Puppy Obedience Graduate

Saturday was graduation from puppy obedience class. I decided to do this through PetSmart because it wasn’t horribly expensive and because PetSmart isn’t out of the way. I wanted to do something like this because of the socialization aspect plus working our way through their training program Pickles can earn his Canine Good Citizen.

I will admit that going into this I didn’t know what to expect. I always figured it I wasn’t happy with it, it was only once a week and I didn’t have to continue to use their program once the puppy class was over. I go into most things expecting the worst and hoping for the best. It’s just me. It turns out I really like the instructor and so does Pickles. At least now he does. It took him a few weeks to warm up to her and now he considers her his friend.

I knew he was going to be the biggest puppy in the class, and I wasn’t wrong. The other puppies in the class were the same age and half his size (except the Corgi. The Corgi was 1/4ths his size). It’s hard to believe that my 5 month old puppy goes 60lbs. Like a lot of people have told me, “That is one huge puppy!”

Some of the things he knew going into the class like sit and down. The class was an introduction to these things as well as loose leash walking (I have decided to use a gentle leader for this because Pickles is a menace on his lead), coming when called, leave it (his least favourite thing), and stay. I feel like I am missing something here. Anyway, Tuesday we start Intermediate class.

The socialization thing has come so far. He’s gone from being totally afraid of strangers to letting strangers approach him and he will sometimes check them out first with a tentative sniff. So this is huge. For that alone the class was worth it.

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