Service Weirdo in Training

Last night I was talking to a friend of mine and sharing with her all of Pickles’ personality quirks. She told me to get him a Service Weirdo in Training patch for his vest. I am seriously considering this. When your dog trainer tells you that you have a “one of a kind” dog after hearing about some of his shenanigans it’s a pretty good indication that you have a weird dog. He is smart and a fast learner. In fact, that is where some of this weirdness comes from.

He’s been caught using the cat pan. He “cleans” himself like a cat (it doesn’t do anything to get him clean, just makes him moist and smelling like wet dog). He can get up on the bed by himself, he just chooses to wait for help. He is obsessed with squeaky toys. Anyone ever hear a dog make one of their toys squeak for a half hour non-stop? In fact, he will intentionally squeak his toys in his dachshund roommate’s ear just to annoy him. When I first brought Pickles home, he went over to the cat toys and picked out the ones he wanted and made a neat pile of them in the middle of the room. What’s even funnier about this is, I don’t think he had toys on the farm he came from. His parents are livestock guardian dogs and lived in the barn with the goats. He still plays with every one of those toys he picked out too! He sniffs around the backyard looking for the acorns the squirrels buried to dig them up. The list goes on.

Oh…and he likes hanging out under the bed. I suppose that isn’t weird in itself but there is this…

I suppose it could be argued that he’s still a puppy and he will “mellow out”. I seriously doubt it. I always manage to pick out the animals with the most personality, if you will. I am just drawn to them. I do appreciate everything that makes them unique and don’t get annoyed by their personality quirks as some people might with their dogs. I just let him do him. He amuses me. He also gives me puppy kisses when I tell him I love him. What else could you ask for?

Even with all his weirdness, quirkiness, “personality”, or whatever you want to call it, he’s going to make a good service dog. I am sure of it.



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