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I really don’t give a crap about celebrity news. I never have, really. I can’t even tell you what my favourite bands are up to, expect Fozzy, but that is only because I follow Chris Jericho on Instagram because I enjoy his brand of weirdness. So, writing about Lady Gaga seems weird to me.

Let’s be honest here for a moment. The reason that 10 concerts being canceled is news is because it’s Lady Gaga, not because it has anything to do with fibromylagia. I am wondering how many die hard Gaga fans have even looked up with fibromylagia is. There was a recent study done that suggests that fibromylagia is caused by a hypersensitive brain thing called explosive synchronization. It’s the same phenomenon  that causes seizures. The thing is, fibro is so much more than pain. There are 70+ symptoms of fibro but that is all that the media focuses on with it comes to Lady Gaga. Pain. “It’s a condition that causes widespread pain,” is how it’s always explained.

That’s not exactly awareness. I mean, it does put fibro in the news and that’s a start.

Every so often when a news story about Gaga’s health comes up there is some sort of article that someone writes trying to explain “Lady Gaga’s disease”. Chances are the reporter visited WebMD, or a like website, and shared just what was written then. Might as well share Wikipedia as a source. The other extreme are reporters who talk to doctors who start with the disclaimer “She’s not patient so I can’t comment on her specifically…” Maybe fibro is a hard thing to report on. I don’t know.

When Gaga came out of the fibro closet there was a lot of people who were saying things like “Now that someone famous has this, maybe it will get some attention,” or “I hope she uses her fame for activism,” or “I hope she donated her money to research.” All of this made me want to bang my head on a wall.

Years before Lady Gaga went to social media and disclosed she had fibro, Morgan Freeman was already talking about how hard it is being an actor and having to work through the pain, but no one was listening. He’s good enough to be chosen to narrate everyone’s life, but not good enough to listen to when he starts talking about his chronic illness.

I am always questioning what makes Lady Gaga’s fibro more special that anyone else’s. Please don’t misconstrue that statement as me being anti-Gaga. This is father from the truth. She is an amazing woman and performer. I took my ass right over to Netflix and watched her documentary, Five Foot Two, as soon as it was available. She didn’t have to share this part of her life with us. The documentary wasn’t exactly about bringing awareness, though.

I’ll take what I can get. At least people are starting to realize that fibro is a real thing and not in our heads or an excuse for not being more productive or whatever.







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