Your Dog Can’t be Here Because…

Service dogs may be more common than they were say 20 years ago, but for the most part most of the general population has not met a service dog before. It seems that the general public has preconceived notions about what a service dog is and isn’t and they aren’t afraid to voice their opinions on the matter. I have compiled a list of some of the many things said to service dog handlers on why their dog shouldn’t be allowed in public by random people. They range from the amusing and absurd to rude and offensive.

  • It’s so small. It can’t do anything.
  • Pit bulls can’t be service dogs because they are aggressive.
  • I’m allergic.
  • I’m scared of dogs.
  • Your dogs vest is the wrong colour.
  • Your dog isn’t a lab or German Shepard. It can’t be a service dog.
  • You’re not blind.
  • Dogs are dirty and gross.
  • Your dog isn’t a real service dog it has a Star Wars collar.
  • If you need a dog to be in a restaurant, you shouldn’t have the right to be in a restaurant.
  • You don’t have a certification for your dog so it’s illegal.
  • Service dogs are against my religion.
  • The FDA won’t like the dog being around food.
  • Your dog looks mean
  • You won’t tell me why you need the dog so it’s fake.
  • This is a laundromat.
  • Your dog is too big.
  • You don’t have any identification displayed on your dogs vest so it can’t be in here.
  • That breed of dog is incapable of being trained.
  • You aren’t in the military. Why do you need a dog for PTSD?
  • Your dog is too skinny can’t work if she isn’t fed.
  • You’re too young to need a service dog.
  • Service dogs can’t wear glasses (dog was dressed up for a holiday).
  • Your dog is the kind of dog that bites real service dogs.
  • Your dog is a bite risk (dog in question was a golden lab).
  • He’s too pretty to be a service dog.
  • He’ll get hair everywhere.
  • Those teeth look sharp.
  • That doesn’t look like a service dog.
  • You don’t look sick/disabled.
  • Your dog is too friendly.
  • She looks so bored and sad! I don’t understand why people abuse dogs like this! (Dog was asleep)
  • (From a doctor)  You are not disabled enough to have a service dog. That is just a pet. Service dogs are for blind people or people who have “bad” seizures.
  • He’s wearing a muzzle he can’t be an SD. (Dog was wearing a Halti harness)
  • He’s a rescue. He can’t be a service dog.
  • A German Shepherd is a police dog only.
  • Only seeing eye dogs are real service dogs.
  • His eye look human
  • Black people don’t have service dogs.
  • I don’t know why you need to bring that thing in public. Just order your groceries online.

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