Week 3 Starts Now

I really need to get better at doing updates on Pickles. After all, this blog is called Fibro and Pickles and there is supposed to be a Pickles portion. Forgive me if this post seems all over the place, it’s just to serve as a quick update.

Quick disclaimer: This post does not contain affiliate links.

Today he goes to the vet for his second set of puppy shots. I have heard good things about the vet that I picked so I hope that I am not disappointed. In two weeks he gets his rabies shot and then I will be comfortable taking him out occasionally to places like the pet store.

He’s adapted rather well to living here and he’s full of puppy energy. I forgot how much energy puppies have. If only we could bottle that energy. He loves squeaky toys and has grown more than I thought he would in two weeks.

We are working on Sit, Down, Touch, Paw, and Leave It. Of course we are working on Leave It. Everything goes in puppy mouths. Everything gets chewed on. He is catching on faster than I expected him to. He still doesn’t come when he’s called but he does acknowledge his name. We will get there.

As a side thing, I discovered one of my cats likes bacon flavoured dog treats.

Pickles learned about Frosty Paws yesterday. In case you don’t know about Frosty Paws, these things have been around for a while. There used to be a cat version (Frosty Claws) and I am not sure why it was discontinued. Maybe people weren’t buying it? Anyway, Frosty Paws is dog “ice cream”. You can check out their website here. I got him peanut butter flavour and he ate about half of it. I wasn’t sure how he was going to take to it since he didn’t like the peanut butter dog treats I bought. He seems okay with this.

Saturday his collar and leash came in the mail. Originally I made him a crochet collar until I could get him a proper one. It worked fine but family members complained that it was “too stretchy” and didn’t work for tugging on him to get him to come in the house. Sigh. So now he has a cool Star Wars collar and lead.

These were purchased from Petco. I had to order them online because they don’t carry them in the stores. When I was reading reviews of various things on their site people were complaining that the website was remarkably cheaper than their stores. It’s been a long time since I have been in a Petco so when I went in there I was surprised that this held true. The website is remarkably cheaper than the store.

I was looking for a hands free lead and the only one I found was the Chewbacca lead from Petco. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I did find a rope one in Petco that looked more like a horse lead than a dog leash. Complete overkill. The only other one was the Chewbacca one.  I decided that I needed the collar to go with the lead. Not an exact match, but the lead that matches the collar isn’t a hands free lead. I want the hands free one because I can’t always hold onto things plus it can be used for teaching recall. Star Wars dog accessories also allows me to embrace my inner geek. It’s actually more of an outer geek but whatever.

I have been reading a lot of dog training books. I will have to compile a list of my favourites and do some reviews.

So, that’s been the last two weeks. I promise to do more frequent Pickles updates.

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