Two New Clinical Tests to Help Diagnose Fibromyalgia


I am not sure if I would call these “clinical tests” as much as I would observations, but I am probably just splitting hairs. Basically, some researchers discovered that people with fibro experience pain when a nurse slaps a blood pressure cuff on them or when direct pressure is put on their Achilles Tendon.

Before I go any further, I want to share a new and improved pain scale that we can all relate to.

I actually taped this inside the notebook that I take with me to the doctors office. He wanted a copy of it. Now that we have a pain scale that we can all agree on, let’s move on.

I, for one, experience pain between 7 and 9, depending on the day (7 on a good day, 9 during a flare) when I have my blood pressure taken. I often wonder if the nurse is putting too much air in the cuff. Getting your blood pressure taken isn’t supposed to hurt. Not like that. I am glad that I now know why that happens. I mean, I always suspected it was a ‘side effect’ of fibro.

As a curiosity thing, I put pressure on my Achilles Tendon and screamed in pain. That bloody hurt. A friend of mine did the same thing and told me it didn’t hurt. Yea, well, normally it’s not supposed to.

It’s pretty cool that it’s been found that there are more things that doctors can look for to help make a diagnosis easier and quicker. On the other hand, my rheumatoid likes poking me in all of those 18 Fibro Pain Points to see if I am still in pain. That is bad enough. Now I am worried he’s going to start abusing my ankle. I found putting pressure on the Achilles Tendon a lot more painful than having Fibro Pain Points poked.

Hopefully these two tests will expedite the road to diagnosis for some.

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