A little about my road to Diagnosis

Hello there! It’s me Ashley, and I thought that today I’d tell you all about my road to getting diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. It actually all started about 10? months ago? I can’t remember. Pretty sure that’s about how long its been since I got let go from Walmart. At any rate almost a year ago I got fired from my job at Walmart. I had been there for almost 12 years and it was due to my being sick and having to miss work that I was let go from said job. At the time it both thrilled and scared me, I had been hating that job more and more and I had known it was getting close to being time for a change, If I had only known back then how much change was heading my way I probably would have been a little more reluctant to lose this job!

When I was let go I was still trying to get over having pneumonia and so when my first week out of work I spent doing nothing more than sleeping. I didn’t think anything of being tired or in pain. I was severely sick after all, your supposed to be tired all the time, and being sore is understandable when you can barely breathe and are hacking up a lung all the time. It took almost a month for me to get a full clean bill of health. Something however was wrong, a week after being over being sick I was still tired and still sore. I told myself it was nothing and that I probably just needed to move around more. So I spent time cleaning the house, and working on sewing up blankets and stuff to try and get a home business started.

This, however, didn’t help, and after a month or so of sleeping most of my days and still being exhausted beyond belief my husband and I decided that maybe I should see our doctor. So I did. I told him how I could sleep up to 15 hours a day and still wake and be worn out. That my whole body felt like I had the flu and I wasn’t sick. He ran a slew of blood work and when all came back okay. He decided that maybe I had sleep apnea. Having talked to Georga for the past couple of years I knew that some of my symptoms resembled Fibro and so I mentioned it during a follow up appointment.  My doctor said that there was no test to for sure say I had it, and that even though I did have symptoms of it he felt like it was more than likely sleep apena. Not getting enough sleep can cause you to be sore, I got put on a med called Meloxicam and it is used for patients with arthritis.

About a month later it was determined from a sleep doctor that I did in fact have sleep apnea. I got my little cpap machine, and started sleeping with it at night, while listening to my husband giggle about how it made me look like a the little fox in Zootopia that wore that elephant suit. Do you wanna see? I snap chatted it to my husband and youngest brother.

And now you know why my husband giggles each time he sees me wear my mask. This was the first day of using it and each time I see this picture I can’t get over how horribly tired I look. I never noticed it until I knew there was a problem. I had always assumed that being tired and in pain was part of being an ‘adult’ and working. So this helped me for a month or so, and Georga told me she was happy that it was helping. She of all people really didn’t want me to get the fibro diagnosis.

Sadly this only lasted for a little while. I was still having pain on a daily basis, and even though my quality of sleep was much better than before, I still felt worn down. My pain wasn’t nearly as bad but it was there, it got worse when the weather got bad, and it got worse also when my stress started getting high. I told my doctor this on top of the fact that my antidepressant’s he had me were not helping anymore. I also let him know how the pain was still there and I was still tired all the time. He was still reluctant to say Fibro and we did another round of blood work and some x-rays. I don’t think he wanted me to have it anymore than I did. Sadly about a week or two ago He finally caved and talked to an rheumatoid doctor.

I went through the huge list of symptoms and he did the tender points test. Each tender point he hit was sore, there were spots I didn’t realize weren’t supposed to be sore that were. I hit each symptom in the HUGE list of them. He put me on cymbalta and apologized for taking so long in diagnosing this. He also doesn’t want to have to go through a second doctor for my care so he is taking care of me himself.

So! there you have it, how long this road was, it was almost a full 10 months of hanging out in the doctor’s office. Getting to see my doctor more than once a year for pneumonia, yeah i get it at least once a year it seems like and if not that then just terribly sick. The thing about all of it is, I never gave up with him, never let my doctor sweep my symptoms under the rug, or brush them off as ‘everyone hurts like that’ No, no they do not. Not everyone spends every day in pain and worn out because of said pain. I used to think that maybe I was a hypochondriac. But I’m finding out that my issues were legitimate, that pain isn’t normal. I’m learning how to slow down, and I’m learning what I can and can not do. This is probably the hardest lesson I’ve ever had to learn. How to slow down, in a world that is constantly on the go.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps you with your road to diagnosis! Until next time guys! ~Ashley

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